Here to talk about the real estate market. In July, we saw just over 3,600 homes sell in the Indianapolis-Metro area. That was a 3.7% drop year-over-year, primarily driven because of a lack of inventory. You may have heard, we hit record lows. Lowest since they've been tracking housing inventory in the 1980's.

We currently have just over 15,000 units for sale. That's about 4 months of inventory, which means it's still a seller's market. If you look at the current days on market for Hamilton and Marion County, it's about 30 days. So, homes that are priced well, staged well, and marketed well are moving very fast. In Boone County, it's up to about 49 days; it's still a seller's market.

If you look at the higher price points, between 500,000 and 1 million, what's interesting there is that back in the spring we had a lot of inventory. So, it was a buyer's market. Things were moving slowly. In June, that flipped to a seller's market because the inventory shrank so much. And, now we are seeing that market stabilize.

If you are looking to sell and you want to talk about strategies to get your home sold fast, for top dollar, or, you're looking to buy and you are looking to move fast given the current market, I'd love to hear your goals.